How to Remove the Right Trees for Pond Health

Pond Health is extremely important, but also extremely complicated. There’s many factors that separate a pond from a swamp which we’ll include in this article outlining How to Remove the Right Trees for Pond Health.

This topic was brought to you by a colleague, friend and mentor who runs Norwalk Tree Services LLC. Click here for his website.

Swamps are notorious for being smelly and littered with snakes.

No homeowner wants their pond to turn into a swamp!

The key to prevent ponds from becoming swamps are making sure your pond gets adequate sunlight. If there are too many trees around your pond it won’t get the required sunlight and will slowly turn into a swamp. For more info on this head over to Mr Tree Service’s website, he’s got a great blog on this exact topic.

Less Trees = Less Problems

That’s the key to this enigma. The less trees you have the less sunlight will be blocked and the less likely for a swamp to form. There’s many issues that can be prevented if you make sure to remove all the trees next to your pond.

Instead of trees near the pond you can add rock formations that will look splendid and not block the light. Sunlight is the key to preventing the formation of swamps in your back yard.

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